“Attending Jennie’s classes is always fun and a mental break from the demands of everyday life. The exercises really help to build up those core abdominal muscles which support the back. Great for posture and strength.”  DW 
“Jennie explains and demonstrates each exercise really clearly. She takes a personal interest in each member of the class, making sure the exercise suits our individual needs. I hope to keep going to her invaluable classes as long as she keeps doing them.”  HS
“Her classes have helped me build up strength and mobility and improved my posture. Her classes are kept deliberately small so she is able to give special attention to anyone who has a particular problem.”  JB
“I suffered from neck and shoulder stiffness for years but have found relief in her classes. Her friendly approach makes classes feel comfortable and stress free. You will leave feeling you have had a proper workout without the pain – and had some fun too!”  HR
“Her classes are carefully taught with a high degree of expertise. She has a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology which not only allows her to explain the purpose of each exercise, but also enables her to adapt exercises to suit those class members who suffer with chronic ailments.”  BB
“I had recurring back pain for years before I was introduced to the Pilates machines that Jennie has in her studio. Since then, and with a much stronger core, my life has been changed for the better.”  RT

This from a colleague in the Pilates industry:

“Her commitment to the Health and Fitness Industry, together with her interest in the mind/ body approach to exercise has led to her becoming one of the most respected fitness professionals in her area. Her excellent communication skills, inspirational style of teaching and infectious enthusiasm make her a joy to work with”. AZ